Welcome Home, Takeout Fans!

Okay so here we are. Some big things are in the works for the ATO boys, including upcoming shows, a live album featuring new songs and re-done Meazy’s classics, a second studio album, new collaborations, and much more. Chicago is a beautiful, culturally significant, and diverse environment for us to produce all kinds of music–a place where we can keep ourselves from being put in a “genre-box” by fans and critics alike.

As we work on providing new content and booking venues to showcase our music, we’d like to open up a dialogue between ourselves and our fans. We’ll be updating this page as regularly as possible, and invite anyone here to respond to these posts with messages of encouragement, advice, constructive criticism, and/or potential collaboration and resources.

With that being said, thank you for reading, and be sure to check back soon for new content!

From Humboldt Park in Chicago- Annie’s Takeout


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