Annie’s Takeout

New single “Next Door” now available on all streaming platforms!

next door

Annie’s Takeout is a duo from the Chicagoland area, operating out of Humboldt Park in the city. Created in 2015 by Collin McCormick & Preston Treece, they’ve been producing music across various genres since the band’s inception.

In 2016, they dropped their very first studio album, Meazy’s Magic Bus, featuring classics such as “Ashtooth,” “Pots of Gold,” “Peddling Backwards,” and the ballad that started it all, “Annie’s Takeout.”


They’ve recently recorded a live album called “The Dig Sessions” set for release in Early 2019.

The duo’s second studio album “Sex On T.V.” features a new side of Annie’s Takeout, incorporating experimental acoustic electronica sounds, is set to be released in early 2019.

Check out their newest single, “Next Door” on all major streaming platforms, and the sneak peek Summer EP demo tape featuring demo versions of “Leavin’ Me The Beams” and “Can’t Anticipate” on Bandcamp!

spring demo